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At Celtic Bank we provide a wide spectrum of real estate mortgage loans to accommodate your every need. Our mortgage professionals are experts at helping you find the home loan you need.

There are several loans and programs available to help you purchase a house, finance your current mortgage, or build a brand-new residence altogether. Celtic Bank has the experience and resources to tailor a financial package to suit your mortgage needs.

FHA Loan

If you are a first time home buyer or looking to refinance your current FHA home Celtic Bank can assist you.

VA Loan

Are you a veteran, active duty or retired after at least six years in the National Guard or National Reserve? Then you may be eligible for a VA home loan. With lower closing costs and no down payment required, obtaining a VA loan has never been easier. Celtic Bank, a premier VA loan lender, can refinance existing VA-guaranteed loans to lower your current interest rate as well. Apply today!


USDA Single Family Housing Programs provide homeownership opportunities to low- and moderate-income rural Americans through several loan, grant, and loan guarantee programs. The programs also makes funding available to individuals to finance vital improvements necessary to make their homes decent, safe, and sanitary.

Conventional Loan

Celtic Bank isn’t limited to FHA and VA loans. We have great conventional home loan options available based on eligibility.

Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Need a larger-than-average loan? Celtic Bank also provides options for “jumbo” loans above Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s conventional limits. No matter how grand or modest the dream, we want to help make it happen.

Home Construction Loan

Want to build your dream home, but need help with construction costs? A typical mortgage just isn’t going to cut it. Celtic Bank has the answer. We offer short-term home construction loans so you can begin construction and then roll the costs into a more traditional fixed-rate mortgage later.

Quick turnaround, low rates available from an award-winning, nationwide lender.

Celtic Bank is committed to offering the best selection of mortgage loans geared to meet your specific financial circumstances. With a range of choices, we give you the freedom and flexibility to build your dream home, whether it’s upgrading your current residence or purchasing a new one.

Celtic Bank is also an awarded SBA Lender of the Year with a history of successful history of partnerships with small business owners. Through our SBA loans, asset-based loans, construction finance, and equipment financing, we provide the financial framework your company needs to grow and succeed.

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