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Celtic Bank is one of the chief SBA loans providers in the country and because we are an SBA preferred lender your loan will take no longer than a typical conventional loan. We specialize in small business lending that contributes to a wide variety of business purposes. Small businesses often need an extra financial boost to foster growth. Our aim is to help with all your commercial loan needs – from real estate acquisition and refinance to business acquisition and working capital.

Processed quickly! Refinance and get lower rates on loans up to $5MM

Take advantage of our many loan opportunities to and expand your small business. We’re here to meet and exceed your expectations so you can do the same for your clients. Our loan options include:

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans - Need new facilities to accommodate your growing workforce? An SBA loan can get it done.
  • Working Capital - Get help handling your company’s day-to-day finances with a timely Small Business Administration loan.
  • Refinance Commercial Loans – Save money by lowering your current commercial debt service.
  • Business Acquisition – Acquiring a new business requires financial muscle. We’ll work with you to make it happen.
  • Expansion – A Celtic Bank SBA business loan can help you offer more products or services, or in opening a new location.
  • Equipment Finance – Growing your business often requires new equipment or replacing older models. Celtic Bank is the SBA loan lender who can make it happen.
  • Commercial Finance – If you have a variety of needs like purchasing real estate or supplies Celtic Bank SBA loans have a track record of helping small businesses get what they need.
  • Inventory – Stock your shelves using a Celtic Bank SBA business loan.

Refinancing has never been easier, and Celtic Bank gives you the edge with our Small Business Administration Loans

No matter the national or global economic disposition, the economy is constantly shifting. Refinancing commercial loans, business loans, equipment loans, commercial real estate loans, and small business loans, is a way of taking advantage of these changing market conditions. Credit scores improve and interest rates drop, allowing businesses to negotiate loans more favorable to their circumstances.

As a leader in nationwide lending and as one of the top providers of secured and SBA loans, Celtic Bank offers small businesses an arsenal of versatile refinance opportunities. Apply today to prequalify for:

  • Commercial Loan Refinance
  • Business Loan Refinance
  • Equipment Loan Refinance

Celtic Bank understands the challenges faced by today’s business owners. We will take the time to understand your company's objectives and create a finance package that will get you there. Our expertise extends beyond SBA loans to mortgage loans, asset-based loans, equipment financing, as well as construction finance.

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